Price List

Initial Consultation


with Diagnosis and Treatment Plan



Small X-Ray




Scaling & Polishing


with Examination – Adult- (including full Oral Cancer Screening)

Scaling & Polishing


(with no Examination)

Scaling & Polishing


with Examination- Child

Composite Filings


With full Anatomical Anatomy start at

Amalgam Filings


With full Anatomical anatomy start at

Acrylic dentures


(Depends on number of teeth) start at

Chrome Cobalt Dentures


As above (start at)

Root Canals

referred to Specialist Endodontist


referred to Specialist Orthodontist

Cast Post and Cores


(Depends on number of roots) starts at


€800 - €1350

vary considerably depending on how and what they are made of. Composite, normal or strong Porcelain,

Porcelain and metal combined or all metal ( Gold or NP)


are decided on a case by case basis

All laboratory work is carried out in local laboratories supporting the local economy.